Citizens' Parliament 2023

What is the Citizens' Parliament?

The citizens' parliament is like a miniature of a nation

The Citizens’ Parliament is a deliberative democratic experiment, which will take place in November 2023. In the Citizens’ Parliament, a diverse group of ordinary citizens will discuss, hear from experts and each other, and form their opinions on societal issues. In the end, the participant’s opinions are mapped and a report on them is given to the Finnish parliament.

You will find more information about the project on the Finnish and Swedish pages.


The participants have been selected

How were the participants selected?

Invitations to the Citizens’ Parliament were sent to 30,000 citizens in September 2023.

We applied for a data permit from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, on the basis of which a random sampling from the Population Information System was carried out to select the invitation recipients. Invitations to research subjects were sent based on random sampling. Everyone over the age of 18 living in Finland had the opportunity to receive the invitation. The final participants were selected from among those who sign up, so that different population groups and views are represented.

The Citizens' Parliament is organized by researchers at Åbo Akademi University and Tampere University, Sitra and the Finnish parliament. The project is funded by Sitra, Finnish parliament and Åbo Akademi university´s Center of Excellence-project FutuDem.

The Citizens' Parliament makes use of Deliberative Poll®, developed by Stanford University